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I am Corpa and I offer a new way of working together and building whatever you need to efficiently run the key elements of your business, processes, workflows, reports, dashboards, tasks and comms, in one place on your smartphone or tablet. Get rid of the tool overload and get actual work done.

Whether your business is looking to do invoicing, create a product catalog, build customer relations, start a recruitment process, manage inventory, start a project, manage supply chain, run a marketing campaign, or any other business process or workflow, Corpa is your mobile workplace.  


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Get real work done

Corpa actually helps you get real work done by making work smarter, simpler, more efficient and accessible anywhere, anytime. With automation for instance you can save ~9 hrs per week with processes and workflows. With a single tap on your mobile device you can run an entire process and or workflow without having to switch among different tools to get stuff done. With Corpa all your work* is in one place on your mobile device. 

*Processes | Workflows | Reports | Dashboard | Tasks | Comms

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Communicate with purpose

With Corpa Comms communication is purposeful and proactive so you can focus on one conversation at a time. With channels you can skip those time wasting meetings and get more done. Each channel is unique with a unique purpose. For a more one-on-one conversations you can take advantage of direct messaging. Comms isn't just about messaging, but all your files and elements from processes can be added right into a conversation and instantly shared.

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Collaborate like never before

Collaboration has never been easier or better. Gain instant access to real-time information and make strategic decisions based on unique insights gained across your entire enterprise - anywhere, anytime. Whether you are in HR, Operations or Finance, everyone uses the same platform.  


We are always innovating and improving the platform with the best and the latest technologies thereby enhancing the overall functionally and the user experience. Everyone gets the latest features via a simple over-the-air update.

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Corpa is powering business around the globally in 50+ countries and across every industry. Born and based in San Francisco, our team brings the best mobile technology transforming the way businesses are run.

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We are trusted by innovative and forward-thinking businesses around the globe.