The Mobile Workplace

Corpa is a mobile workplace where teams collaborate and get work done. It’s mobile native, data driven and secure.


All in one app

✔︎ Design and automate business processes and workflows on mobile with Corpa’s zero code Micro App Technology.

✔︎Generate, analyze and visualize mission critical data in the palm of your hand via reports and dashboards.

✔︎Communicate without noise through integrated comms, anywhere anytime.

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Redefining work through contextual collaboration

Corpa paves way to a whole new way of working which is mobile, reduces tool overload, eliminates data silos and allows your teams collaborate better and with context. No more spreadsheets, word documents, endless presentations and emails, just contextual collaboration.


Processes & Workflows

Processes and workflows in Corpa are managed via workflow apps. Each app is a dynamic database. Anyone can design and automate workflows on mobile.

Reports & Dashboards

Create, analyze & visualize mission critical data in the palm of your hand. Set automatic alerts to stay on top of data that matters the most to you.


All your communication is organized in direct and team conversations via channels. Message, share files and workflow data in one place.


Something for every team

Whether your team needs to start a project, recruit a new employee, plan the next event, create a new product catalog, finalize next year's budget, manage the warehouse, and more, we’ve got you covered.

design process

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The new way to work and run your business

Corpa lets teams run workflows, reporting, and communication in one app on their smartphone or tablet. 

Corpa gets you results that matter ↓

WORKFLOW PRODUCTIVITY Within 6 months AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC JUL Time Savings per week In hours 9 ON STANDARD PROCESSES hrs Increased Team Collaboration In percentage % 62 INCREASE IN RESPONSE TIMES TEAM RESPONSE TIMES Within 6 months AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC JUL Reduced Rework In percentage % 82 DECREASE IN REWORK REPETITIVE PROCESSES Within 6 months AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC JUL

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