Transforming workplace and redefining work

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We believe in bringing the future forward. The future of work and workplace is agile, desk-less and mobile. Our goal is to make it simple for organizations to transform their workplace and take their processes, workflows, reports, dashboards, tasks and communication mobile. 

Corpa not only transforms the way you build processes and workflows but enables new ways of thinking and creating. With every organization being different Corpa is flexible and dynamic at the same time. It allows people within organizations to be more creative and think about their Corpa workplace as a unique ecosystem that fits their culture. 



Reducing the tool overload via a singular mobile platform

With too many tools out there an organization today on an average uses +150 tools to get work done. This actually leads to massive loss of productivity. We believe the workplace should fluid and seamlessly integrated. With Corpa you can manage all your processes, workflows, reports, dashboards, tasks and comms in one place on your mobile device.



Simplifying enterprise software across the board

Building enterprise software applications like ERP, CRM, HRM, SCM et al has always been a complex and tedious process.  In particular, every such application requires significant human effort for building and configuring the application.  Further, enterprise software treats different organizations within an enterprise as distinct entities such that disparate software is created for each organization.  This disjoint software development process results in at least two inefficiencies.  First, a significant amount of the underlying infrastructure needed to build enterprise software is the same.  However, when building disparate software for each organization in the enterprise, application developers often waste resources recreating infrastructure that was already previously created for a different organization.  Second, because different organizations in an enterprise often have shared business workflows, the disparate software created for the different organizations must typically be bridged to integrate together.  This creates additional overhead both in terms of time, cost, and human effort.

With the above pain points in mind we built Corpa a mobile workplace that enables anyone to create comprehensive business software applications without writing code and/or complex business or data manipulation logic via Micro Apps.


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