Corpa is changing the way organizations communicate and collaborate


Communication is a purposeful activity of information exchange, directly with someone or as a team, to convey or receive the intended meanings. By following the fundamentals of communication we built a simple way to communicate individually or as a team. We integrated Comms so you don't have to leave the app to communicate with your colleagues making you more efficient & productive. Comms heavily cuts down your email clutter from those back n forth "cc" emails.



Communicate individually via direct messaging or as a team via a channel  


With channel based comms focus on one conversation at a time and never get lost. Create a channel for a project, a strategy you are working on or a discussion about diversity. Comms isn't just about messaging - share files, share elements from workflows, mention users, and more. Above all, stay up to date so you can collaborate better.


Integrated processes & workflows

Comms Elements@3x.png

Comms is integrated with processes so you can share elements from micro apps using hashtag (#) without actually sharing a file. It's secure and can only be accessed by the people within that conversation based on their ACL. This integration makes work more efficient and you can open an element and modify as you are discussing it with your team.

For instance, share an expense in a conversation with your manager and get it approved instantly. Tap, tap and done. It's that simple!


Share files and find them organized by conversation

Comms Files@3x.png

Sharing files is simpler and easier with comms as they automatically stay organized - each conversation has its file list so you can see all the shared files in one place. Unlike email or other messaging tools you can search files contextually.

Files can be uploaded from and downloaded to any cloud file system like iCloud, Google Drive, One Drive, Box, Dropbox etc so you can use your current file management tools like you always did.