Mobilize & simplify your processes & workflows



Micro App Technology*

Build your own processes & workflows or install from Corpa Store on the go using your mobile device

From simple to complex processes and workflows, build Micro Apps for project management, invoicing, time sheet tracking, procurement, inventory or anything. Corpa tailors to your needs and expectations, not the other way around. It enables anyone to build comprehensive business software applications without coding and/or complex business or data manipulation logic via Micro Apps.  The fundamental building blocks of the framework are configurable dynamic data types (commonly known as Data Fields) that operate as pre-programmed units (think of them as lego pieces) configured to perform one or more data collection and/or data manipulation operations.  

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You can combine and extend a variety of the configurable dynamic data types to create software that encapsulates complex business workflows. These variations are unlimited and apply to any process and/or workflow.  Importantly, the configurable dynamic data types can be configured and combined in an easy-to-use graphical interface (drag & drop) on mobile devices that enables faster and less time-consuming application development. Once the Micro Apps are built, they can then be integrated with each other and an entire process can be automated using triggers & conditions. All the integration & automation takes place on mobile devices as well.

No PC, web browser or programming is required to build, integrate & automate the Micro Apps.

Why Micro Apps?
Building enterprise software, such as customer relationship management software or enterprise resource planning software, is a complex and tedious process.  In particular, every such application requires significant human effort for building and configuring the application.  Further, enterprise software treats different organizations within an enterprise as distinct entities such that disparate software is created for each organization.  This disjoint software development process results in at least two inefficiencies.  First, a significant amount of the underlying infrastructure needed to build enterprise software is the same.  However, when building disparate software for each organization in the enterprise, application developers often waste resources recreating infrastructure that was already previously created for a different organization.  Second, because different organizations in an enterprise often have shared business workflows, the disparate software created for the different organizations must typically be bridged to integrate together.  This creates additional overhead both in terms of time, cost, and human effort.
*Propietory & Patented Technology

Install from Corpa Store and deploy instantly


Corpa Store is an unprecedented way to digitalize and mobilize your business processes & workflows. From simple processes like creating an invoice to complex processes like procurement take business process management to the next level. With a simple tap on your mobile device you can deploy almost any standard business process instantly.

Processes are installed as a 'bundle' which contains integrated micro appsreports & dashboards. Sample elements are also installed with the bundle for the customer to see how a bundle works. Bundles are 100% customizable and automation can be added to all the micro apps based on business needs.

We built Corpa Store to give you a simple, easy and speedy way to get started with Corpa. You don't have to build or integrate a process or workflow into Micro Apps from scratch. 




Micro App integration puts an end to silos within your organization

Corpa Micro Apps allow seamless integration to pull data across Micro Apps. Integrate one or more Micro Apps within a workflow, an area or across cross functional areas to build a workplace that's seamlessly integrated and fluid. From simple processes like creating an invoice to managing inventory or procurement you can build workflows that make you and your team more efficient and productive.

Micro App integration saves time and makes your data reusable thereby organizing your data so you don't get lost. For instance, if you have a client micro app that stores all your client information you can integrate that with invoices micro app or marketing campaign. Not only that it helps you maintain data integrity across the entire organization. Integration also allows you to trigger element creation via automation which has numerous use cases for any organization.




Automate processes & workflows to amplify your work

Many of us wish to automate redundant processes and workflows that waste a lot of time and now you can. Automate an entire process or workflows based on one or more initiation trigger and conditions to achieve an automated action. You can complete a process or a workflow with a single tap on your mobile device almost instantly and you don't need a PC or sit behind a desk. Automation is a great way to trigger multiple interdependent processes across multi functional areas based on single process thereby saving tons of time. On an average you can save ~9 hours per week with automation per process.

Automation isn't just about automating stuff it's about amplifying work - have more time to do more important things and have a better work life. 

Want to get the illustration of an example process to see how automation works?