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It's the foundation and fabric of a truly mobile & automated workplace

Corpa brings your organization together under one app thereby eliminating silos that affect the overall efficiency and productivity of an organization. Whether you are in HR, Operations, Finance, Marketing or Sales, everyone uses the same platform. Your business processes, workflows, data and communication are more fluid and accessible anywhere on your mobile device. This fluidity and accessibility ultimately leads to a better workplace culture where teamwork and collaboration are a norm.

With automation save ~9 hours per week with standard processes & workflows so you can have more time for more important things.

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It integrates, automates and mobilizes your business processes and workflows

Corpa Micro Apps allow you to build workflows that actually flow. It not only transforms the way you build and run processes and workflows but enables new ways of thinking about workflows thereby superseding conventional and standard practices. With intuitive drag and drop technology you can build, integrate, automate and run any workflow on your mobile device. No PC, web browser or coding is required!

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It makes communication simpler, purposeful and more focused

Corpa Comms makes communication within your organization seamless and purposeful so you can stay focused. With channels you can skip those time wasting meetings and get more done. Each channel is unique with a unique purpose. With direct messaging you can do more one-on-one conversations. Comms isn't just about messaging, but all your files and elements from processes can be added right into a conversation and instantly shared.

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It makes information accessible and readily available

With Corpa Reports & Dashboards you don’t have ask for data or information to run a report, an analysis or generate a KPI for strategic decisions, your team or work in general. You can also cut down on those meetings to stay informed and share corresponding reports and dashboards instead. With Corpa you can build reports and dashboards on the fly on your mobile device based on the specific information you need together with powerful data filters and summaries. Anyone can build reports and dashboards based on their ACL.

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It's the catalyst for a high performance culture with deep collaboration

Corpa makes true and deep collaboration possible with it's integrated design where all the bits and pieces of your work are seamlessly integrated into one place. You don't have to use multiple tools and switch from one tool to another to get work done. Whether it's an invoice, a financial report, a project, a customer or a discussion about diversity teams can actually collaborate deeply when it comes information, communication and more. Corpa news feed makes collaboration more social so work can be more fun. Corpa tasks based on Eisenhower Matrix help you prioritize and take productivity to the next level